The ‘Ride The Pipe’ Project

The Plan...

The goal of the Ride The Pipe project is to engage with, photograph the people most affected by the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline and to capture the landscapes and seascape that will be altered by construction or destroyed by an accidental oil spill. This will require visiting many communities along the route including many First Nation communities, being that they are the group most affected by this project.

The plan is to spend three weeks riding our motorcycles from Bruderheim, the start of the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline near Edmonton, then to follow as closely as possible along the pipeline route to Kitimat.  Once reaching the beautiful west coast of BC, deemed one of the most treacherous and worst for storms in the world, we will park the bikes and continue our journey down the Douglas channel to visit the coastal communities that will also be impacted by the Pipeline project.

Meet the People. Tell their Stories...

We will be creating a fotographic portfolio, along with a documentary video, that others (environmental agencies, schools, libraries, individuals, etc) can borrow to promote/show/inform others about the issue We will also be creating a traveling fotographic exhibit, a book and possibly a speakers tour of the journey.

“The Daily Pipe”

Throughout the journey we will be keeping you informed by way of our BLOG “The Daily Pipe”, Facebook and on Twitter. Feel free to add your own thoughts and ideas at any time as we wish to have you, and as many as possible, engaged in this very important stage of our environmental and ecological history... Your input will be truly valuable.

Please, if you are on the side of information and education, we would truly appreciate your support and sponsorship to help us in this very important endeavour.  This is going to affect many generations and we are the forerunners of our ecological future.

Thank you to our many supporters and sponsors who have helped us get this project off the ground.